Pizza Chicken

Last week while I was watching TV on the couch (not much else to do on days off when you work night shift) I decided I was hungry and start thinking about what to make. I have some polenta on hand in the pantry and though about making some polenta pizzas. Kenyon is trying to keep is carbs in check and I didn't really need to be spending extra PPVs. So I decided to make the pizza on top of a breast of chicken.

When I asked Kenyon if he wanted any he said he would wait and see how mine turned out. I'll admit, it does sound weird to put pepperoni pizza toppings on top of a chicken breast. But I figured I'd try it. I cooked my frozen chicken breast in the oven at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes before flipping it over to the other side. I seasoned it with a little Red Robin seasoning during cooking.

Once the chicken was fully cooked I took it out of the oven and put it onto a cutting board. I decided I'd cut into the chicken to make sure it was fully cooked and then stuff my pizza ingredients inside vs put them on top. I added a mix of tomato sauce and tomato paste, which I get already seasoned with garlic and basil, some turkey pepperoni slices, and some sliced mozzarella/provolone cheese we had on hand. I added some additional sauce to the top of the chicken beast and put it back into the oven, still at 400 degrees, for another 10 minutes.

side note: I changed the foil under the chicken as I didn't want all the cooking chicken stuff to be on my final chicken breast.

It turned out really well. It was so yummy that Kenyon ate half of my chicken breast. I made him two additional ones and stole half of one of his. I topped his with extra cheese on top and since I forgot to take a photo before I dug into mine, I remembered to take a photo of his.

We almost went out to eat late last night/early this morning but when I remembered I had everything on hand to make another round of pizza chicken we stayed in and had that instead. On this round we added olives. I think some cooked bell pepper strips would be good too. The possibilities are endless, it is just about how much you can stuff into a chicken breast!

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