4th Annual PSAP 911 Seminar: Day Two

Day two of the 4th Annual PSAP 911 Seminar wasn't as fun as day one. I didn't get much sleep the night before and was awake from 2am-4am so I was already pretty tired. I decided to have breakfast at the hotel with those that were staying there from out of town. It was a really yummy breakfast and I could have eaten three more plates of the fruit alone. Yum.

The ISP honor guard was in full numbers on day two as was the Boise and Nampa Police Pipes and Drums. I always love seeing/hearing it.

Day two keynote speaker was Ron Price from Price and Associates. You could tell Ron was good at public speaking and he gave away some books to those that had the courage to speak up and participate. That was pretty neat. Does anybody remember the story of the young CEO in Seattle that increased the minimum wage for his employees to $70,000? I remember hearing he had ties to Idaho and went to school at Nampa Christian. Well, that young CEO is Dan Price, who is Ron Price's fourth son. It was almost like having a celebrity in that very room with us! Ron talked about leadership and the various types of leaders.

The first session of the day was Blue Courage taught by Vic McGraw who is the new Idaho POST Director. I had not had a chance to meet Vic but remember him coming on board when I was working at ISP. I had heard good things about the Blue Courage training but also felt this one felt flat. I just didn't feel it pertained to dispatchers as much as officers. I liked Vic's personal connection and stories to what he was talking about. I just didn't feel it was really a dispatcher topic. He talked about how police are the Guardians and the important job we do. He was also a bit short on time and ran through it pretty quickly.

My second session of the day was Amber Alert Training taught by Gus Paidousis. The best part of this training was Gus' accent. He was from the south and I loved hearing him say “momma and daddy”. It was the highlight of the day! I knew when I saw the topic of Amber Alert on the agenda that it would merely be a refresher from the training I attended in August. While it is always good and important information it is rather dry. You can't really spice up the topic of Amber Alert and make it funny. It is a very serious topic. So far the only two Idaho Amber Alerts issued in 2015 have both come from Nampa PD. It will be interesting to see Amber Alerts from the 911 side of the things vs from the ISP side of things.

The final three hour session on day two was the longest and most boring of the sessions. The State Of Idaho Sends Greetings was again taught by Bryan Taylor and it continued from the training on day one about subpoenas. This was where we actually saw some mock trials and went over the actual part of testifying in court, what to expect, and what the prosecutor and defense attorney will ask. I liked seeing this mock trial setting but felt all three sessions really drug on. There could have been more explanation along the way. Instead we were just watching a bad case of Law and Order. I really struggled with boredom eating/gum chewing and finally broke out my big-ass candy bar during the session.

I'd made a pact with myself to steer clear of sweets and treats (which were in abundance) but I needed some sugar to keep my eyes open. I keep things in check and only had one square of chocolate. I have the rest of this big-ass candy bar (as well as another one) in the freezer for a later date when a sugar craving hits.

I can't say it enough on how lucky I am to have been able to attend this session. Training is important in order to keep your job skills in tact. I am not sure if I'll be able to attend next year as I'll be the newest employee with the least amount of seniority. We will see what a years time brings.

Oh, I almost forgot. I won a $100 Visa gift card in the raffle at the end of day two. I'm usually not that lucky. WhooooHooo!

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