Tucanos, Fit One 10K, & Wine Party

Hello!!! I am so sorry I have not been posting. It has been a very busy week. But, I'm happy to report I successfully passed Phase One of my training, non-emergency call talking. Monday night I start on night shift with a new trainer and Phase Two, emergency 911 calls. I also got to dispatch a little bit of the fire department/fire channel on Friday at the end of work due to it being super busy. That was quite exciting.

Dawny came to Boise on Friday night for a visit/girls weekend and also to walk the Fit One 10K with me. We went to Tucanos to cash in her free birthday meal. Dawny's birthday is actually October 11th but when she came to Boise last year we signed her up for the birthday club with a September birthday. Since she was still signed up she got her free meal notice again for September. Yahoo. We had them sing to her and watched her dance (and shake her maracas).

Early, very early, yesterday morning we woke up and got ourselves ready to walk 6.2 miles. We ended up being late to the start line as we got delayed at Denny's where we went for breakfast. We met with Danielle and carpooled to her work downtown to park. Because of our late arrival they almost didn't let us join the course. We were told something about them knowing where the last walkers location was but if we stayed on the sidewalk and walked fast to catch up we could continue. Thankfully the race was coming back towards us as the course started on an out/back route. When we saw a group that looked to be walking our speed we just flipped a U-ey and joined the group. We ended up shaving off half a mile on the 10K course but still getting my metal. That my friends is the reason I did the race to begin with.

We walked back downtown to the Farmer's Market to see Jamie and her girls. We also saw Rebecca and her girls both on the race course and at the market. I stopped by Trader Joe's for some groceries as I was hosting a wine party last night. I also took Dawny to the Nampa PD to see my new workplace and meet my coworkers/trainers that I have been working with for the last 8 weeks.

My wine party was a huge success, despite having many bottles of wine that were not drinkable. I hate to admit it but I have a lot of wine bottles from when people bring me wine I don't like and this case of wine I bought a few years ago. We ended up dumping out more bottles of wine then drinking but at least I don't have to store the bottles anymore. Poor Dawny, I think I have officially turned her off of the idea of ever liking wine because she tasted some of the old wine. Whoops.

At the end of the day we were pooped! It was a busy and active day.

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