Believe In Yourself

I was having myself a pity party last night. I'm not sure exactly why but after feeling bloated and fat all day yesterday I though perhaps a Reeses and cookie dough shake from Sonic would make me feel better.

Turns out it didn't.

Instead I got on the scale at home this morning to see a very large gain staring back at me. My weekend have been getting a bit out of control and this last weekend (ahem...Monday) was no exception. I was a bit surprised, a really fantastic surprise, when I got on the scale at the WW meeting several hours later to only see a gain of 0.2 pounds.


I wanted to skip the scale at the WW meeting but since we have new weigh-in books as part of this new Success Story campaign, I knew I needed to weight. I am glad I did. First off, I thought I had gained at least two more pounds. This makes three gains in three weeks. Secondly, if I had really seen a gain of two or more pounds I think I would have allowed my pity party to last a little longer.

Once again I am needing to hike up my big girl panties and fix this scale gain situation. Like I said in my blog post yesterday, some days just feel tough. I really rebel and the aftermath is UGLY. So I had best find a way to balance it all better so I have a fighting chance of getting the scale numbers to start a downward trend.

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Amy B. said...

I admire you for keeping on fighting every day, I think that's what it's all about really, trying to get the healthy choices to outnumber the less healthy ones. Soon enough we'll both be in maintenance and it'll be the same story!