Scale Nerves & New Goals

I'm nervous about WI today. Gulp.

I didn't have a meal plan in place last week and winging it didn't work really well. My tracking was lax and I ended up eating out a few meals. I also turned to treats several times this week. I didn't keep my focus on the tango and instead this week I was back to the cha-cha.

Must move forward...keep moving forward.

I got my weekly summary from the activity function on the Apple Watch and it suggested increasing my daily calorie burn to 550 calories. I accepting the change and then immediate doubted I could reach that each and everyday. I have really liked seeing all three circles filled in each day and I really want to see each day turn into a complete month of reaching my three daily goals. However, I am nervous that 550 calories is going to be harder to reach. I tried to find ways to change it but I can't find where to do it. So, I guess I've got a new challenge (for this week at least since it does give the option to change it weekly). While nervous I might not reach my calorie burn goal daily, I need to turn that fear into the drive to complete it each day.

This is how we grow and change. By pushing ourselves harder than we did the day before, the week before, and the month before. So instead of worrying about this goal being to high, I will instead strive to meet that goal each day. Much like I have to focus on getting in 30 minutes of exercise and making sure I stand up and move at least once each other, I will also need to focus on getting in a calorie burn/movement into my day so I can reach all three of my goals this week.

I am also going to meal plan this week so that I am better prepared and arming myself with the right foods to make my week successful. 

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