Meet Stanley

Have I introduced you to Stanley yet?

A few months ago Kenyon noticed a cat sitting in the shade in our backyard. When I called out to the cat he just looked at me like, “can I help you?” Typical cat! On the day of our Hawaiian Party in July I had the storm door open and there was this same cat looking at my from the outside almost as if saying “are you going to let me in?”

I have no idea where this cat came from or why he likes our shade. I keep saying he but really I have no idea if this cat is a boy or a girl. I decided to name “him” Stanley. He doesn't actually come to that name but since I don't know what his name is, I am calling him Stanley. I've found I enjoy seeing him when I come and go from the house on occasion.

One day I got down and put out my hand to see if he was a friend cat, and he is. Stanley loves to be petted and will often roll over at your feet. He is very hard to photograph despite my best efforts.

I think he lives next door but we much have better shade. Seeing Stanley puts a smile on my face.

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