10 Barrel Brewing Co, Frozen Yogurt, Activity, And The Eye Doctor

Good Afternoon.

I've recently returned home from the eye doctor today. My vision is still good three year post-Lasik and I can even read the 20/15 line. The only weak link is my night vision. I've always struggled with my night vision but I feel like in the last 6 month it is getting a bit harder to see a night. When you add a rainy day into the mix it is really bad. After talking with the doctor he suggested a pair of glasses for night driving with anti-glare on the lenses. The only catch is that my tiny correction wouldn't qualify for insurance coverage. We had to go just slightly higher of a prescription but the doctor feels it will be just fine for the few times I will be wearing them.

I had spotted this amazing (bright) pair of frames before I had gone into my appointment. I miss the fashion accessory part of wearing glasses so when I visit the eye doctor I like to look at frames. My thoughts was “these are cute but wouldn't be practical in an everyday wear situation.” As soon as I told the guy I like bright colors he pulled that pair from the rack. Hmmmmm....not practical for daily wear but for night wear? SOLD! They cost a bit more than my allowance on frames from insurance and the anti-glare lenses also came at a cost. Oh well, it's just money. There is no way I can wear a drab pair of glasses even if nobody but me will see them. I'm excited for them to come in but I have to wait about two weeks. Sigh.

My friends and I had a great time at 10 Barrel Brewing Co last night. You know you are getting older when your friends all agree that the Sunday night downtown crowd is more your style. I guess our days of loud, busy, and crowded downtown establishments is way behind us.

I enjoyed my glass of Swill. Kate and Jamie also got Swill. Danielle went for a wheat beer. I ended up not eating at the restaurant because I wasn't hungry. After visiting for several hours we went to Aspen Leaf for $4 all-you-can-fill frozen yogurt and more visiting. It was a really great Sunday night. I love spending time with my friends.

I got my weekly summary from my Apple Watch and completed another week of meeting my goals daily.

Jamie told the girls last night that “Lindsay's Apple Watch owns her.” Hmmmm...perhaps. I upped my daily activity burn to 500 calories for this week. I guess I had better get to moving a little more today. Plus I've got a new pair of tennis shoes and a 10K this coming Saturday.

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