Sunday Check-In

Good Morning. I am sorry I have not been the best blogger this week. I changed trainer and the days I have my short days and my long days. I've also been exercising with my trainer/coworkers and often having lunch with my trainer. So, I've not had much downtime. I'm not complaining! It has been nice having company during workouts and lunches.

This was a good week of training and I even answered one 911 call. It ended up being somebody that called 911 by accident. Needless to say, it was a good “first call” and hopefully will give me some confidence for answering future 911 calls. I'm still about 3 weeks until actually answering 911 calls but my trainer asked me during our workout break if I wanted to answer a few 911 calls yesterday just to feel it out. I like that she is confident with my training progressing. It is all very scary to think about answering 911 calls.

I've been quite social this week and also eating out more than planned this week. I am trying not to feel guilty for my meal/sweet splurges as I have been enjoying the social encounters. Last night I met Cathy, her daughter Cailah, and Cailah's friend Amanda for dinner at Smash Burger. I was all set to build my own burger (the WW way) and then I spotted this burger called “Windy City” that was available for a limited time. It was a burger on a pretzel bun with cheddar cheese, spicy mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and thin onion straws. SOLD! It looked delicious, and it really was. Cathy and I shared some Smash fries as well. I don't often eat so much fried/greasy foods and I surely enjoyed every bite.

After dinner I was hoping to meet up with some friends for a drink. I was feeling festive and wanted to enjoy some social time. Cathy invited me over to her house for a white Russian, her daughter's speciality drink, and to visit more. It was a really enjoyable evening.

I met Kenyon for breakfast this morning at Cracker Barrel. I know I need to put a squash to all this eating out but I am just having an enjoyable time.

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Dawny said...

It's so awesome your having fun & enjoying life!!! I know if it were one of your friends in the same situation you'd be telling them to be kind to themselves.