Monday Thinking

It was another successful week of meeting my activity goals. I dropped my daily active calorie burn to 450 calories and didn't have any trouble meeting that goal. There were a few days that I walked extra during my lunch break. I know that 450 calories a day doesn't push me as much as the week I had a goal of 550 calories. The one problem with the higher calorie goal is that I felt exhausted by the weeks end. I made a commitment to myself that I would fulfill my three daily goals everyday for the month of September. So, now I don't feel like I can take a day off activity and burning 550 calories meant I needed to get in a solid workout each day. Perhaps I'm just taking the easy way out.

I struggled this week with some of my thinking. I really wanted to invite friends to social outings but the WWer in me knew engaging in social eating would not be helpful to my weight loss goals. Eventually the want took over the need and I contacted my friends about getting together. I'm know part of why I feel I shouldn't engage in social outings is because I am not very good at controlling my splurges. I want to go out and eat what I want without thinking about the consequences. When I am hyper focused on weight loss I feel as though I better forgo the social outing all together since I know I can't have what I want. It is silly thinking but it's how I feel.

One of my WW Buddies asked me what my weight loss goal is. I honestly don't know. I know I want to be under 200 pounds again and that I want my clothes to fit better. Some days I have the desire to work hard and stay focused on my goals. Other days I don't want to think about it. I just want to eat what I want. I'm so conflicted some days. I'm just not as driven as I was when I first joined WW. Some days it feels easy and some days it feels hard.

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