End Of Sunday, Beginning Of Monday

Happy Monday! I have just put Dawny on the plane back home and will now try to get my sleep turned around to work night shift starting tonight. Let's do this.

Our Sunday was pretty low key. We were tired and I didn't sleep much after the wine party get together on Saturday. Our day started with breakfast at Denny's and then we went downtown to Big City Coffee for some decaf. Despite the amazing looking treats, many of which were pumpkin flavored, we didn't indulge. Lunch was in our near future.

Across the street was this really fun place with costumes, hats, wigs, etc. We had so much fun looking around and trying stuff on.

I had a GroupOn to cash in at Carino's Italian, which was right by the movie theater. After a delicious lunch of soup, salad, and (lots) of bread we saw The Intern. Dawny and I both loved the movie but it took a turn we weren't quite expecting. It is a very funny and heartwarming movie. It also has some tough stuff in it. Overall, we enjoyed it. I had a GroupOn for froyo at USwirl so we cashed those in after the movie for our afternoon indulgence.

I needed a nap BIG TIME so we headed home so I could rest for about 30 minutes. Since Kenyon is on night shift he was just waking up. After my nap we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner then called it an early night. Before going to bed we took time to see the “blood moon” lunar eclipse and also get in a 30 minute walk so I could get my Apple Watch totals filled for the day/week. I've got three more days this month to meet my goal of filling my three circles all three days. I'm soooooooo very close. With tonight being my first graveyard shift and my planned workout at work being after midnight I think I'll need to get in some activity today before I head to work. Then when I do get in my workout time that will set me up to meet my goal on Tuesday (hopefully it works out this way).

Enjoy your Monday.

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