When The WW Center Is Next Door To The Liquor Store

Happy Tuesday.

I met up with my family in Caldwell for breakfast this morning. My Aunt Flo (yes, my real Aunt Florine) was in town from California so my grandparent, parents, aunt, and other great aunt all got together for a visit. It was wonderful to see her and I always wish she lived closer.

I'm in house cleaning and laundry mode today. Dawny is coming to visit this weekend from Spokane. We are going to walk the FitOne 10K like we did last year and I am also hosting a wine party at my house on Saturday. I'm sort of cleaning in shifts to make it more manageable! Yesterday I also tackled mowing the lawn.

I went to the liquor store last night to get the stuff needed to make a White Russian. My sister Katie introduced me to them when we were in Vegas on our sister trip. I am not sure I make them quite as yummy. Maybe they tasted better because I was already drunk? Needless to say, I'm experimenting with the ratio of Kahala, vodka, and half and half.

The liquor store is right next to the WW center. When I pulled into the parking lot with only 15 minutes to spare I remembered that Natalie teaches the Monday night meeting. I knew I couldn't really get in and out of liquor store without being seen and I also wanted to stop and say hi once I realized she was there. I stopped into the liquor store first (after all it closed earlier...priorities). I felt like I needed to lie as to why I was buying the fixings for a White Russian. Yes, I am hosting a party on Saturday but I also had every intention to open up those bottles later in the evening.

I ended up having a great conversation with Natalie and the receptionist. I am in a bit of denial right now about all that is going on with my weight and my WW program. I owe you a long post with all my thoughts, I've just not spent the time to sit down and write it all down. Natalie gave me much to think about in what is my WHY for wanting to lose this re-gain. My WHY now isn't the same WHY as when I started losing weight at 304 pounds. I'm not the same person I was back then and the situation this time around is much different.

I'm still doing some thinking about it all. Maybe the White Russians are helping?


Dawny said...

you make me laugh REALLY hardm and OUT loud.! ha

Anonymous said...

I read your blog a lot. It is very honest and helpful to me.

I too am struggling.

Actually, and very honestly, I am ready for the program overhaul that will be introduced in November. I am so ready. I guess I'm burnt out and just need something new. I will accept it, whatever it is, and my leader told me the change is BIG.

Well anyway, don't give up. Weight loss and maintenance are hard. I feel a new program is a new fresh start. Maybe that's wrong thinking, but there it is. I just want to wipe out these last few years which have been emotionally painful. So yes, new sounds good. I guess it's symbolic.

We can do this!

Amy B. said...

That's very interesting about the changing "why". I think I have the same issue, my why is very different now! Something to think about, thanks :)