Blue & Orange, Art In The Park, And A Gun Show

Despite my best efforts in trying to forgo a social outing this weekend, I caved and invited my friend Mark for a meet up on Saturday after I got off work. I further invited Kate, Jamie, and Jamie's girls to Art in the Park on Sunday.

Saturday night was a televised away football game of Boise State vs BYU. Mark mentioned he was planning to watch the game at a bar so I suggested we watch together. We met and went to Art in the Park to have Kanak Attack for dinner. This is a Hawaiian catering company that serves amazing Kalua pork and coconut rice. They were set up for the park event so we made a special trip there for a bite to eat. We then headed to Old Chicago for a beer and some BSU rootin'.

Mark and I have not been to Old Chicago in a few years. We used to go there all the time in my pre-WW days. We passed the time until the game started by taking photos.

I had a 10oz Sam Adams Oktoberfest, my favorite this time of year. I wanted to pace myself because we had talked about possibly bar hopping.

While we were at Old Chicago reminiscing about old time we decided going dancing at The Balcony would be fun. I've not been out dancing in ages! The cover charge dropped after 10:15pm so we walked to 10 Barrel Brewing Company for another beer and more game watching. Mark introduced me to this beer called Swill that was amazing! “A base of German Berliner Weiss and added multiple layers of lemon.” This beer is only served through November so I am already making plans to go back and enjoy more.

Mark and I danced, and people watched, at The Balcony for several hours. This is our local gay club with some of the best music to dance to. There had been a drag show earlier in the evening so many of the performers were still there. I have no idea how they walk in those high heels! I also saw way more men in their underwear than I cared to but again, it really is prime people watching! We called it a night just after midnight.

Despite having ONLY two beers I woke up with a headache. Talk about being an Old Maid! I think I just didn't have enough water. I made some breakfast and headed out to meet my friend at Art in the Park. This even it held every September and I love going and walking around.

We had a lot of fun and I bought a few puzzles from this artist that Jamie's daughter knew from his PBS show. He was there signing autographs and Audrey was in 7th heaven. It was cute.

My Mom and Dad were at a gun show in Boise this weekend. 

Dad is helping to sell his friend Pal Al's gun collection to give the money to his widow. Al passed away last month. His wife Minnie was at the gun show yesterday but didn't return today so I went in her place as a vendor. It was nice visiting with my parents. Al had a very impressive gun collecting that he had been working on for years. Dad hopes to give Minnie at least $20,000 after he is done getting the guns sold. Impressive indeed!

My Dad bought this hat from a vendor and wanted me to try it on. Don't mind me, I'm just killing time at the gun show.

Okay that is all I got for you. I am tired after my busy-friend-filled weekend. I'm headed to bed.

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