Tire Change

I'm a little late checking in today. It was my early work day starting at 6am (wake up time is 3:45am) and after work I ended up at the car dealership service department for about an hour and a half.

Last night I made a quick trip to Rosauers for a few grocery items. A warning light came on my dash so when I got the parking lot I looked it up. The warning light was telling my my tire sensor was alerting me to a low tire. I figured I'd email Kenyon at work but would be okay until after work today. Wrong! I got out of my car to take a look at my tires and my rear driver side tire was flat. And it had just started to rain. Perfect.

I went inside to shop for my groceries and call the insurance company to see if we had any roadside for tire changes. I had a spare just didn't really want to change it in the rain. I realize this is mean to make somebody else do it. Insurance was a no-go so I knew I would have to change my tire. I'd been on the phone with Kenyon who said he would also head that way from Micron. Poor guy had just gotten to work and was now going to drive 30 minutes to rescue me. What a nice guy. While waiting for him I decided to start seeing if I could the tire change started.

Thankfully there was a lull in the rain so I got to work. Getting the lug nuts on the rims to move was the hardest part. After I go the lug nuts loose a guy approached me in the parking lot asking if I needed help. He said he didn't want to step on my husband's toes but said he would help me get the jack under the car in the right spot. Then he just kept going and soon my tire was changed. I was very thankful for the help. He introduced himself as Rob and was driving a work truck and wearing logo-ed clothes from Eagle Landscape. I made sure to call his employer and tell them how helpful he was.

As soon as Kenyon got there the rain started again. Had I waited for him we would have been soaked. I must “pay it forward” and do something nice for somebody else.

I was able to get into Kia for an oil change service and a tire repair. Thankfully I didn't need a new tire. Whew. That was a relief.

We are headed to Kuna to celebrate Dad and Emma's birthdays. WhoooHooo!

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