St. Chapelle Concert

There is nothing like starting off Monday with a day off. I slept in late, which is the norm on days off. Not sure why I am so tired. I just got a call from the new endocrinologist (thyroid doctor) who is adjusting my medication. The test results show I am a bit hypo (low) thyroid. I am also going to start supplementing with T3, which was recommended by the doctor I saw when I had my physical for the new job. The new thyroid doc explained that adding in T3 along with my T4 medication should help combat fatigue, increase energy, and possibly help with weight loss. All fo that sure sounds great to me! He also explained there is no magic pill for weight loss (still waiting on that to hit the market) and that it can also be a small window to get the right dose of each meds. I feel like when I was starting my medication supplement all over again. Welcome to the world of frequent blood tests again! I like the new thyroid doc though.

Okay, now that I have gotten you caught up on my medical history, HA!, I'll continue with regularly schedule blog content.

We had a great time yesterday at the St. Chapelle concert. I wasn't sure who the band was, JR and the Stingrays, and on the drive to the winery my sister said it was an “oldies band.” Looking at the crowd that began to fill in you could clearly see it was mostly an “oldies crowd.” I've never seen so many people up dancing. These oldies can party! Side note: my friend Natalie kept saying how seeing so many 60+ women looking stylish and attractive gave her hope for the future. I had just got done telling my sister Jenny that I was looking forward getting older so I can start caring less about worrying about what others think. I've stopped wearing face foundation and I'm working to get used to my face and the parts I don't really like and used make-up to cover up.

I even told the girls I might stop coloring my hair when I turn 40. Jenny said to keep coloring it. Nice.

Jenny and I arrived at noon to snag our spot in the shade. It was a beautiful day with cool temps and was slightly overcast for some of it. I was glad we postponed a few weeks. It was a perfect day. Natalie and Ashely came around 2pm.

I bought a bottle of sweet wine and shared with everybody.

We packed our own picnics to eat during the concert. Jenny picked us up some sandwiches and some really delicious brownie bites. I made a pasta salad (I'll share the recipe later this week).

It was really hard to fight the urge to buy another bottle of wine. I wish I had Kenyon there to be my DD. It is easy to get wrapped up in the atmosphere and fun. We had a great time. 

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