A Tour Of The Nampa Karcher District

My trainer was out sick yesterday so I had the opportunity to drive around and get familiar with some of the Nampa City geography.

I started my geography lesson at the Mr. Hotshine car wash so I could get the Chief’s car looking spiffy again.  From there I headed to Fire Station Number 4 on Flamingo.  I am familiar with this location as it is near my grandparents retirement community.  Once I arrived I decided I’d have a little fun with my scavenger hunt and take selfies at each location. 

I had not been to the new Nampa Christian High School. 

I quickly found it but got a little lost from there.  I didn’t realize I was as far west as I was and was thinking if I went west from the high school on Flamingo I would get to Midland…wrong!  I ended up on Midway and knew I was too far from my planned next stop.  I decided to veer from my plan and continued south towards Lone Star Middle School.

I knew from there I was now back on my route and between Middleton and Midland so I headed to Roosevelt Elementary.  I spotted the park before the school itself. 

I headed back to Midland to try and find West Middle School. I used to live off Davis Avenue and remembered this middle school as soon as I spotted it. 

The Willow Creek Elementary sign was easy to spot and I thought the school was that old abandoned church.  I decided to investigate further and drove down Elementary Lane to find the school itself. 

My last stop before heading to the Treasure Valley Marketplace was Nampa Christian Elementary, which I knew right where to go. 

Despite being nervous to drive the Chief’s car I am glad it had the direction display.  It really helped me to put together the roads I am familiar with and the direction of travel I was driving.  This helps me visualize the area better, which is the whole purpose of driving around. 

It was an awesome opprotunity and I look forward to going again sometime.

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