Hello from New Mexico

We arrived an hour late in Albuquerque last night due to weather in Phoenix. We were slowly making our way towards the runway (in the hottest temperature plane I've ever been on) only to get told to stand by due to a large storm passing through. We were sitting on this really HOT plane, on the tarmack, for an hour before we were cleared to take off. We were almost out of time in that if we couldn't take off we would have had to retrun to the airport. Everybody on board was really respectful and after about 30 minutes they gave us some water. Hearing the words "we are cleared for take off" caused everybody to cheer!

We landed, got our rental car, picked up my Aunt Barb and went to Little Anita's to get our Mexican food fix complete with sopillias. My favorite!
Walter says hello.

We are staying at Barb's house in Albuquerque and will attend the family reunion today. We will spend time with my in-laws tomorrow as well. She is accomplish us to the reunion. Yeah!

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