On Track

This week has been a really good week food wise and I been staying on track. I've also been tracking my food 100% this week. 2.2 pounds (of water weight) has fallen off since my way in on Tuesday. I have also earned 9 APs so far this week.

Tracking my food really does help me stay on track and requires me to evaluate my food decisions. I took a walk yesterday to Flying M coffee. I have been avoiding it due to that delicious display case of treats. Yesterday was a simply filling day and so that really kept me on track. I figured if I got something from their delicious dessert case that I would then have to count the points for it which would have put me farther into my WPPAs. I sent a text message to Jamie yesterday to see if she and her girls wanted to meet up for $4 all you can fill froyo. Thankfully they were busy so I was saved by using extra WPPA.

I have been eating a lot of fruit this week. I have not been eating really any other types of sweets. I made some sugar-free fat free chocolate pudding. I had some of that with some cut up fresh strawberries and a little bit of whip cream. Oh my! It was delicious!

It feels really good to be on track and giving my body food that is good for it. I want to keep this momentum going I really like how it makes me feel. Being on track and being in control is very empowering.

I don't really have any food photos like I had promised. I don't have my purse with me on the dispatch floor and that's where most of my meals are eating these days. I'm about to wrap up my first week at work and so far it's really been a great change.

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