Tango, Not The Cha-Cha

(Cue the sad violin music)

It is with my head hanging low that I report in from my weekly WI today. I have to say it wasn't as “bad” as I thought it would/could be. After a week of careless eating and lots of splurging I gained 1.4 of the 2.2 pounds I lost last week.

My days start out pretty good. I have a healthy breakfast and I pack my snack and lunch for work. Sometimes I like what I pack for lunch and sometimes I don't. I find that by afternoon/end of shift I am tempted by ice cream. The thoughts that run through my head is “I shouldn't stop for an ice cream treat. Oh heck...why not.” One day it was eating out because I didn't like my lunch. One day it was eating out because I hadn't really planned to be home for dinner at a reasonable time. You can pretty much fill in the blank when it comes to persuading myself to venture from healthy eating.

I was all prepared to write a blog post today about how silly it is going two steps forward only to go one step backwards. I need to be more accountable to myself. I saw this posted on FB this morning and though it was very appropriate for our WW meeting topic this week.

I shared this in my meeting. Our leader Donna asked what phrase we might be able to use to keep us on track. I decided my phrase this week is “Tango, not the cha-cha.” I want to have continuous movement forward, similar to the tango, and not this continued back and forth like the cha-cha. I'm going to keep that in the forefront of my brain this week.

The activity is the easier part of my plan these days as I workout during my four work days. I know I can increase the intensity of that (another post for another day) but movement is good. I need to clean up my diet and whip myself back into shape.

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Dawny said...

your post made me giggle =-) the photos are good