Forced Activity

Oh my aching muscles!

I've gotten back into activity and it has sort of been in a forced way. Trust me, I needed this push. I've been really lazy for far too long.

The new job at Nampa has paid workout time built into the schedule. On my sort days (Wednesday and Friday) I workout before work begins. On my long days (today and Saturday) I workout sometime during my shift. Today I did my workout and my lunch back to back so I had two full hours. I took a long walk first to Fred Meyer to look for some stuff I needed to get for work and then to Flying M for an iced coffee. Yesterday I walked down the parking garage and up the stairs (hence the aching muscles).

The biggest struggle is figuring out how NOT to sweat too much and/or get cooled down in enough time to get dressed for work. Make-up might have to take a back burner! It also means extra planning on my part to make sure I have the right change of clothes packed for the day. So far, so good.

It feels good to exercise again. Even if it is forced activity.

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Dawny said...

Soooo super awesome!!!!