Hokulia Shave Ice

The end of summer is approaching and I had yet to visit our local Hawaiian shaved ice stand. Hokulia Shave Ice came into the area two summers ago and every time I pass by one of them I am reminded of our trip to Hawaii in 2014. It seems the summer flies by and I never actually stop in and take a true trip down memory lane. So, on Tuesday I rounded up two of my favorite gal pals (and a tiny gal too) for a taste of Hawaii.

It was just as delicious at the shaved ice we had in Oahu. I picked their macadamia nut ice cream with tigers blood and blue Hawaii flavor. Shauna said it wasn't true Hawaiian unless I also got the sweet cream poured on top. She was exactly correct! It was every bit Hawaiian.

I am sad summer is almost over and most of the shaved ice stands are closing. I'll have to make sure I visit a few times next season.


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