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Happy Hump Day!

I'm starting out my work week today and will head towards work shortly after posting this. Today is my short day and also the day I have my workout hour before we start so I am dressed in my workout clothes. My work clothes, make-up, hair dryer, and straighter are packed in my backpack where I get cleaned up and change in the locker room. It has been a pretty good routine these last two weeks. I have two more weeks with my trainer Rosa and then I go to another trainer and another schedule. Weeeee.....

The rule at work is that you have to live within 15 minutes of the police department to be able to do your workout at home. Same with lunch. You can run home for lunch but only if you life within 15 minutes of the PD. I don't and therefore I have to drive to work to begin my workout. On my long days I hang around the PD for my workout and lunch. I am able to walk around outside but I have to stay within the 15 minutes incase I am needed for staffing in the dispatch center (this will be more important once I am out of training).

Hanging around the PD can make my workouts feel limited. There is a weight room, which I have only been into a couple of times. There is also a mat room and an exercise room. I'll be honest. I thought having this new beautiful building (the new PD building was built in 2012) would mean a sweet gym but that isn't the case. The weight room is “stacked” with equipment but not the exercise room.

There is two treadmills, a rowing machine, an elliptical, and two racing bikes with TINY seats. Most days I walk outside whether it be downtown, to Fred Meyer, or in our parking garage. There is also several different options for walking stairs and I do that once a week. I've used the bike, elliptical, and treadmill as well. There are always offers of DVDs as there is a TV in the exercise room as well. I can also take some of my own DVDs as well.

It can be easy to short myself on a heavy workout as I am limited on time for actual exercise AND getting ready. I am debating this week on no longer putting on full face make up after my workouts. Still kicking that one around and I have been for a few weeks. I also just got a new Apple Watch yesterday and I am hoping this will help with motivation. I know already I am anxious to get my workout started so I can start seeing some numbers. That is promising!

I'll report more on the watch when I have time to play around with it. In the meantime, any exercise is better than no exercise. I am really glad I have this opportunity to workout as part of my paid workday.  

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Amy B. said...

That is a great perk! I love that your employer cares about your health. You are probably familiar with Jillian Michaels' DVDs, but I thought I'd let you know she has a couple that are about 20 mins! In case that fits in to your time!