Good Morning and Happy Monday.

I had meant to drop in yesterday evening and fill you in on my Sunday. I guess I got lazy. So I'll fill you in now.

I had plans to meet Mark for coffee at 10am and then meet my Mom for a movie at noon. Our movie was pushed to 2:30pm so I asked Mark if he would rather go to Big City Coffee for coffee and breakfast. I had not yet made my omelet at home and was debating spending the money to eat a full breakfast at Big City or eating at home and splurging on a sweet treat. I went for the full breakfast idea and ordered an egg sandwich on a bagel. I like this because I then can eat half the sandwich as a sandwich and half just the bagel. There is always a bit too much eggs at Big City and Mark and I agreed we could have just shared the meal. Maybe next time.

Mark suggested a walk downtown and I had to go to Trader Joe's so we combined the two and set out on foot.

On our walk Mark told me about a new German beer place and wanted to walk by and take a look. I wanted to stop in a taste. I talked him into going inside and asking about a beer flight that we could share. Prost! has only been open a couple months and they don't yet have flights available. We were able to try two of their beers. We decided on splitting a cider and the waitress suggested the cider with the ginger vs the traditional apple flavor.

While I would not have originally picked this type of cider, it was delicious. The split was the perfect amount as well.

We walked back to our cars and said our goodbyes. My Mom called to say she was ready to meet up for the movie. I needed to go to Old Navy so we met up there and then headed to our movie. We saw Ricki and the Flash, which was really good. I enjoyed the movie and I loved that Meryl Streep and her real life daughter, Mimi Gummer, were both cast in the mother-daughter roles. I loved Mimi's character and could have while a whole movie with just her. She used to be on a show I watched that didn't last more than one season. It was a really fun movie and a great one to see if you have adult children. Invite your Mommy along and watch it. Mom wouldn't let me buy the movie or the popcorn so while I invited her, I ended up being treated!

We stopped in to the care center where my grandma has been staying for a visit. She had back surgery in July and has yet to go back home. Between complications and pain she has been in a nursing home/care center for a month now. I know she is anxious to get home but we also know that it would be too hard on grandpa having to take care of her. I wish she would start to get on the mend. Poor thing.

It was a lazy evening and around 8:30pm we decided to go to Cheesecake Factory for my favorite chicken lettuce wrap tacos and their brown bread. We didn't have dessert as I had a cookie dough shake on my way home from the care center.

I think by now you can tell my post tomorrow will be how I need to have a pep talk with myself, once again, about healthy eating.

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