I Ate Too Much

Good Morning!

I attended the Monday morning WW meeting yesterday and it was wonderful to see the meeting members. I've not been to that meeting in a while. The leader was gone so the substitute was our WW Director Donna. I didn't know that she got her degree in psychology so the topic this week about Emotional Eating was a great topic for her to lead. She had asked the LT members tips/tricks for helping them get to their goal and mine is 100% tracking. I know that if I am not tracking I am not making the best food choices. I shared with the meeting my emotional eating on Sunday that was driven by boredom. I had the most random day of eating and felt like nothing was satisfying. I tracked the PPVs for my day before the meeting had started and when I got to the Cinnamon Life cereal I estimated about five servings and 16 PPVs. We got a good laugh out of my cereal eating adventures. Director Donna even said at one point, “you mean you left the house to go buy the cereal?” Yes ma'am. 16 PPV of cereal is one sitting would be the reason why I don't keep cereal in the house.

I wanted to keep myself accountable to my 100% tracking and also not give myself a reason to go crazy with food last night. I had a planned MS talk lined up at Twiggs and knew the dinner would be catered but didn't know what would be served. We also planned to meet up for happy hour ahead of time. I didn't want my Monday WI to allow permission to be out of control so I knew I needed to be accountable.

I'd like to say that I did really well last night but that was not the case. I didn't eat with reckless abandon but I did eat over my full/comfort level. I got caught up in the social aspect of happy hour and ordered two drinks. I think that clouded my judgement when it came to the food. They didn't list any dessert option so I ate most of my chicken and mashed potatoes. Later the dessert menu arrived and that is what put me way over the top. I remember several times saying “I am full and I need to stop but this is soooooo goooood.” Since this was the end of my WW week I am going to put aside any negative thoughts and start my week fresh and new today.

Everything last night really was delicious!

I had the Insalada Mista salad for my starter with dressing on the side: blend of romaine and baby spring greens tossed with gorgonzola crumbles, walnuts, and dried cranberries in a red wine vinaigrette.

My entree was the Pesto Margherita Chicken: duo of pesto encrusted chicken breasts brolied with mozzarella and tomato placed over chive sour cream mashed potatoes, season veggies and pesto cream finished with a balsamic glaze. REALLY GOOD!

The dessert choices were donuts, peanut butter cake, or a warm cookie served over ice cream. I ordered the peanut butter cake at first and Kenyon ordered the cookie. I quickly changed my mind as I knew ice cream was what I wanted. They messed up the order though and my cookie never came. I had a bite of Kenyon's cookie and it was just okay. I think due to the large event they couldn't really serve the cookies warm or it would be ice cream soup by the time everybody got their dessert orders. Mine came out after and was a warm pile of goodness. I honestly couldn't put my spoon down. It was amazing.

I had a stomach ache the rest of the night! It was still totally worth it but in hindsight never a good idea when you are trying to reach your weight loss goals. No need to dwell on it. Moving forward and going to make this week a healthy food week.

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