Starbucks At Home

I've got a great share for you tonight.

Last week I spotted the Starbucks iced coffee at Albertson's on sale plus a $1.00 off coupon. I figured I could save myself a few bucks by drinking iced coffee at home.

Of course it wouldn't be Starbucks without their sugar free caramel that makes their espresso taste extra delicious. I stopped into a near by Starbucks and purchased a bottle.

The result? Yummmmm.......

I can't explain it but the taste of the iced coffee concentrate is really smooth tasting. I still add a little bit of water to dilute it a bit. Starbucks is always a bit strong for my tastebuds. I can't wait to pick up more.

I'd like to say it saved me money at the coffee shop but I drink a lot of coffee in my day. If they sold this in decaf, well then I'd be tempted to skip the coffee shop more. In the meantime, I'll enjoy my Starbucks at a lower cost this way.

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