Lazy Sunday

I was super lazy yesterday and my body wanted that to spill over into today too. I had a lot of trouble waking up today. Not sure why I am feeling tired and run down. I finally forced myself to wake up, get showered and changed, and get moving. I am headed to a WW meeting today. Despite some crazy eating (boredom) yesterday I am still showing a loss from last week and I want to make sure I get it on the record books. I have a happy hour/catered dinner tonight for a MS talk and I am not sure what the scale will say tomorrow if I want until then to do my weekly WI.

I am not going to use my WI today as an excuse to go crazy tonight. I also need to get my tracker caught up on all I ate yesterday. Despite being off track and still showing a gain, I want to stick to my commitment of 100% tracking for these next 12 weeks. Just because I hate three non-measured bowls of Cinnamon Life cereal doesn't mean it didn't exist.

I enjoyed my lazy Sunday. I was able to get caught up on several old TV shows. I have shows on my TiVo from last March/April. I am trying to get caught up by watching the other shows first. That doesn't mean that I didn't take part in watching Bachelor in Paradise though. I forgot the show is on both Sundays and Mondays which happen to be my days off. The Kuna Guy made his appearance last night. It didn't go so well so I'm not sure how long he will hang around. None the less, I am rooting for Idaho! It is a crazy drama-filled season though. Has anybody noticed that when somebody (Claire) says “I don't want drama” they are usually the one that is causing the drama. These women are BEAUTIFUL and yet so insecure. I am sure they are wonderful people and I really do wish them the best in finding love however that may be.

It is always a good reminder that just because come is skinny and pretty doesn't mean their life is better than yours. Sometimes the beautiful face is just an illusion hiding something else.

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Mindy said...

Thank you for the message today - Great on to keep in mind! Love your blog :)