Traveling Vineyard

Good Afternoon. I was exhausted so after meeting Kenyon for breakfast, I ended up going back to bed with him this morning.

I took a four our nap. I guess I needed sleep! I feel like my day is half over already.

After working a 12-hour shift yesterday I swing by the care center where my Grandma is staying at for a quick visit. She had back surgery July 15h and is slowly starting to improve. I know she hopes to get home soon and there is a chance perhaps sometime this week. Poor gal. I had stopped by Flying M for coffee so I took over three different cookies varieties for an afternoon treat. We shared them with Grandpa.

My friend Stephanie hosted a Traveling Vineyard wine party. I have never heard of it and this was Ashley's first home party since starting her business. She is also the only vendor in Idaho.

I didn't snap many photos as I got wrapped up in the fun. Wine tasting is always fun and this type of tasting also included some pairings with small bites of food to change or enhance the flavor. It was really great getting to know more about wines. Sadly, my pallet only likes sweet wines and they are usually the type that is last on the tasting flight and always the one with less choices. I enjoyed the sweet wine we tasted and decided to buy a bottle.

I liked the Traveling Vineyard but I have a hard time thinking it will take off as something as popular at Scentsy. The prices are just okay. If you are an expensive wine drinker then these prices are cheap. I drink $6 Barefoot wine from the local grocery store so paying $17.99 for a bottle of sweet wine is a bit spendy. There is also a $10 shipping fee on all orders up to $250. So if you ever go to a party be prepared to go in with others there and do one order for less shipping cost. Oh, and bring cash because they can't run individual cards for one single order. Despite not needing a $20 bottle of wine (total cost), this was Ashley's first party and the start of her new business. So I'll be drinking my expensive bottle of wine slowly...when I get it. You don't take wine home with you as she doesn't have an alcohol license.

It was still a really enjoyable night. It was also a late night and a long day as I didn't get home until around 11pm. After waking up at 3:45am it was a long day. I logged 10,000 steps according to the Apple Watch stats and met all my goals. I burned a total of 627 moving calories, exercised for 34 minutes, and stood (moved) 18 hours of my day. 

 I really love the results of this new Apple Watch and I'll fill you in tomorrow with a huge post.

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