I had a double dose of WW meetings this week. I went yesterday with Jamie and again today to see my Tuesday morning WW friends and Donna. I had a loss of 2.2 pounds this week and I plan to keep that momentum going.

This week the meeting topic is What's Your Super Power. The WW Weekly listed 24 character strengths and asked us to circle five of them.

        Spirituality                    Humor                         Hope
        Gratitude                        Appreciation             Self-Regulation
        Prudence                        Humility                     Forgiveness
        Leadership                     Fairness                     Teamwork
        Social Intelligence        Kindness                   Love
        Zest                                   Honesty                     Perseverance
        Bravery                           Perspective               Love of learning
        Judgement                     Curiosity                    Creativity

I chose: Perspective, Honesty, Leadership, Humility, and Humor

We then had to choose of our five characteristics the two that most closely describe you. There was a list of meanings defined on the next page of our WW Weekly. I chose:
Leadership – Encouraging a group or team to get things done.
Honesty – Speaking the truth; acting in a sincere, genuine way; owning up to your feelings and actions.

I feel I am a natural born leader and that while I can get down from time to time I try to pep up the group. I want to lead by example and help others who are discouraged. I also feel I am honest, sometimes to a fault. I will often “out myself” when I make a mistake before anybody else notices. I know to be successful in weight loss and maintenance you have you be honest with yourself.

We are to pick one of our five traits to work on this week. I chose:
Humility – letting your accomplishments speak for themselves.

When I got on the scale yesterday morning and rejoiced my loss, the WW receptionist wanted to total up how much I have lost from my start weight. I told her I didn't really want to look at that number. She had already calculated it and showed I had lost 95 pounds. She asked why I didn't want to look at that. I explain while it is a good accomplishment, I am reminded that I once lost 130 pounds.

This is why I need to work more on humility. I need to not be so focused on where I once was so it over shadows all other accomplishes. I thought the definition in the weekly said it best: letting your accomplishments speak for themselves.

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