Schofield Family Reunion

Several months ago Kenyon's cousin Sonja suggested putting together a Schofield Family Reunion sometime this summer. I was in the middle of planning the Joyce 150th Reunion Celebration and I also knew the other part of my family has a reunion every August in Missouri. A date was selected and flights to New Mexico were booked.

Considering this was the first year putting together a Schofield Family reunion, there was a great turnout. My Mother-in-law has five siblings who most live in other states. Ramona and her brother Phil are the only two that live in New Mexico. We had about 20-25 come to the reunion, which was wonderful, and was mostly all New Mexico family members. Kenyon and I were the only out of town attendees. I invited my Aunt Barb to also attend and I am really happy she did. She had a great time meeting Kenyon's immediate and extended family.

We hope to build the reunion from here and either try to get a larger group in a few years or have an annual reunion and catch people as they can attend.

The reunion took place at the campground/picnic area that was in a wooded area. It had grills, a bathroom, and shade at different parts of the picnic area at different parts of the day. It fit out group pretty well. It also kept the kids entertained, which was wonderful.

The only crapy part of the weekend was both flights through Phoenix airport. I already shared we were stuck on the plane for an hour on our trip to NM. On our trip home our flight was delayed leaving NM and therefore we almost didn't make the connecting flight. We ran to our gate (one of about five from our flight and last on the plane) and ended up in middle row seats across the isle from another. Huge bummer when you paid for early bird check in to board with group A. Oh well.

Here are some photos from the reunion.

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