My Heart Is Hurting On This Friday

Sorry I didn't get blog post published yesterday. I just didn't have time. I've started answering non-emergency phone calls at work and so that is pretty fun (and interesting). I also stopped into ISP to see my old coworkers. It was great to visit.

A lot of Idaho is under fire and you can see the night glow as well as the day smoke from the PD parking garage.

It is 220,000 acres now and BLM is struggling to get it under control. There was word it could head towards our historic town of Silver City where my family owns a cabin. Mom and Dad made a trip up to get the 4-wheelers and what-not as did many other townspeople. Mom said the fire was far from Silver City so we hope it says that way. There have been evacuations from other areas as well but mostly it is burning BLM land. Sending positive thoughts to our fire fighters and those that are evacuated from their homes. We are waiting to see what happens. Not good that is for sure!

My heart is also heavy today as my Dad's best buddy Pal Al's remains are laid to rest and his life is celebrated. I always feel most sad for the spouse left behind, his wife Minnie. I am very sad for my Dad too. I can't attend due to my work schedule but I sent a card to Minnie.

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