Silver City, Idaho

My family owns a cabin in a small town called SilverCity, Idaho.  Silver City is located in the Owyhee Mountains and is past Murphy, Idaho on SH78.  You actually join us with the Silver City road a few miles past Murphy where you then drive 23 miles on unpaved roadway. 
My family has owned our cabin for 52 years now.  They bought it for only $25, however, it is not the same house you see today.  My Grandfather and Father have done a lot of work on the cabin through the years, as have many other helpers. 

Silver City is an old mining town that is now a ghost town.  Many stories were told growing up about Screaming Alice, who haunts the historic Idaho Hotel.  There are even two cemetaries in town where you can visit old tombstones.

Many great memories have been made spending weekends as a kid, and now as an adult in Silver City.  I really enjoy Cattleman’s Weekend every July where the Owyhee Cattleman’s Association holds its annual meeting, happy hour, BBQ, and dance in our small town.  I also enjoy 4th of July events where kids line the streets playing games and trying to win a ribbon.  I also enjoy one particular weekend every September where you can visit Silver City and tour private homes/cabins as part of a donation used to pay the watchman for the winter months.

If you have never been to Silver City, you are missing out on a large part of history.  Consider a visit and stop into the Ihli cabin to say hello.  You can find us at the highest point on the hill past the school house.  We will have cold beer waiting for you after your steep hike!
Our cabin in the tiny one at the top of the hill
The church

Another view of the church
The Stoddard Mansion

Another view of the mansion
School House

The Birmingham Cabin (also a family relation)

Pat's What Not Shop (also family)

The view from our cabin

Another view angle.  This is also an Ihli cabin (yes, we are related to half of Owyhee County)

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