Do you know how many PPVs are in your coffee?  I am not talking about the coffee you brew at home and add your own cream, half and half, or milk.  I am talking about the fancy coffees that taste so good at the coffee shops.  Have you ever stopped to check the NI and figure up the points?

**I will add a little bit of a disclaimer here.  If you have the points to use and you really want a high point drink, then go for it!  That is why WW works so well.  Even if you are out of points but want to use your WPPAs or even APs.  And sometimes we don’t have points left but we just want it (vacations usually for me).  Have it, enjoy it, track it and move on.**

If you are having coffee every day, like me, then I needed to find some other alternatives that would fit into my DPA.

Okay, Let’s start with McDonalds and their McCafe drinks.  I have had a frappe a few times and boy was it delicious.  You know why?  SUGAR!  I knew it was yummy for a reason. 

McCafe Frappe Caramel (I love caramel)

·        Small size – 450 total calories – 7 g protein – 19 g fat – 64 g carbs – 0 g fiber – 12 PPVs.  This frappe also contains 57 grams of sugar.

·        Medium size – 550 total calories – 9 g protein – 23 g fat – 79 g carbs – 0 g fiber – 15 PPVs.  This frappe also contains 71 grams of sugar.

·        Large size – 670 total calories – 11 g protein – 27 g fat – 96 g carbs – 0 g fiber – 18 PPVs.  This frappe also contains 88 grams of sugar.

This might help understand why these are so delicious.  As with any order placed at a restaurant, there is a way to cut calories and points with a special order.  If you hold the whip cream the small size is now 10 PPVs.  If you hold the caramel drizzle the small size it is also 10 PPVs.  Again though, if you are going to go for it, then go for it and enjoy it.  That is usually my motto!

Of course there are many other drink options with less PPVs if you want something that won’t break your PPV budget!  A latte, made with milk, is less PPVs and even a mocha, although made with chocolate milk or chocolate sauce, would still be less PPVs than the frappe.  McDonalds also serves Ice Coffee, with only cream and sugar (or sugar substitute) added.  They have only one sugar-free flavor which is vanilla.  Always be aware of what flavorings are being added as most contain sugar and have PPVs.

Starbucks Caramel Frappucciano Blended Beverage

·        Tall size – 290 total calories – 10 g fat – 47 g carbs – 0 g fiber – 3 g protein – 8 PPV.  This frappuchino contains 45 grams of sugar.

·        Grande size – 400 total calories – 14 g fat – 65 g carbs – 0 g fiber – 4 g protein -  11 PPV. This frappuchino contains 63 grams of sugar.

·        Venti size – 490 total calories – 15 g fat – 84 g carbs – 0 g fiber – 6 g protein – 14 PPVs.  This frappuchino contains 81 grams of sugar.

Again, there are other options.  This would be the PPVs with 2% milk.  You could shave a little off by having non-fat milk and even cutting out the whip cream and caramel drizzle (such a shame!)  You could also get a non-fat latte with sugar free syrup, a regular drip coffee, or an Americano. 

Dutch Brothers

Speaking of an Americano, that is what I am drinking these days.

An Americano is just espresso with hot water.  If you have it iced then they just pour that over ice.  I only add three packets of Splenda and a little cream (half and half).  It depends on how much cream is added but since coffee is 0 PPVs, I only count 1 PPV for the cream.   I used to have the sugar free caramel sauce (very delicious) which has calories vs other sugar free syrups.  My daily Americano with the sugar free caramel sauce was costing me 3 PPVs. 
While an Americano isn’t as sweet as other drinks, over time my taste buds have adjusted.  When I feel like spending extra PPVs, I will still have the caramel sauce in it or even go for a blended drink.
I made the personal decision to give up drinking milk in 2011.  At that time I stopped getting coffee at the coffee shops as I didn’t know what else to drink besides a latte.  I am really glad somebody recommended an Americano.  It never hurts to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Bottom line always comes down to if you drink it, track it!

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