A Motto To Live By

I got this photo from a blog I read daily called Carrots "N’ Cake.

What a motto to live by!

Since losing my weight and building this new healthy lifestyle, I don’t view aging the same way. We teased my parents quite a bit as they were approaching 50. Some of my friends are dreading the big 4-0. In my opinion, 70 is still young. There is so much of life left to be lived and so much of life left to be enjoyed. I am so excited to explore new places and travel the world with Kenyon.

I work in a job where people die in motor vehicle crashes every day. Live each day with no regrets. See the places you want to see. Say the things you want to stay. Do whatever you want to do to make you happy. And live life to the fullest as you just never know when your number will be called and it will be time to leave this earth.

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Shauna Galloway said...

I love that, life is short and I agree we need to live it to the fullest!