Checking Back In After April Weigh In

I have finally completed my WI for the month of April.  I had meant to update you all as of last Friday, when I actually did my WI.  I forgot to take a photo though so I am updating you from my April 8th WI.
My WI on Monday April 8th

Last Friday I stepped on the scale at our 9-5 meeting center location to see 175.4.  This weight means I am in my goal range and that I am free for another month.  Whoooo Hoooo!!!

My goal weight is 175 and WW requires you to be no more than 2 pounds above your goal weight.  So as long as I am 177 pounds or under, then I continue to be a free Lifetime member.  Your Lifetime membership never goes away.  If you are over your goal weight by 2 pounds, you just pay for that week’s meeting, and any other meeting you attend in the month until you are back in goal range. 

Today I got on the scale again (new week and I WI each week) to see 175.8.  I am only required to WI once a month but I like to WI each week for accountability.  While I am up just a little, it is still in goal range and still a success in my books.
This what the WW scale looks like.  The cord attaches to the dial screen shown above

Being a free LT member means I get a code each month that allows me to have eTools for free.  I don’t track on eTools.  I still prefer to track using my paper tracker.  However, I really do enjoy the free benefit of using eTools to look up restaurant and other PPVs and using the Recipe Builder.  Each code is good for 8 weeks so I am currently “paid up” until 07/2014!


I also collect a Bravo sticker for each month I WI at goal and after 10 months in one calendar year, I earn another LT key charm for my “bling ring.”


Just many reasons why I love WW so much and why it has helped to lose my weight and continues to help me keep my weight off.

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