I Love Being an Aunt

I absolutely LOVE being an Aunt.  I have always loved kids, even though I don’t like the germs they spread very much. I thought I was going to be a Mom someday.  Along the way, however, my priority changed and Kenyon and I decided the non-kid route was the best decision for the both of us.  That means I have more time to spend with my nieces and nephews!!

My sister Katie had Hailey Bug when I was still living with her and my other sister Jenny in Kuna.  She was fun for all of us since she was the first grandchild for my parents and the first great-grandchild for my grandparents.  It was been so enjoyable to watch her grow up into a young lady who will be 9 in May.  Boy how times flies!  Little Emma Bee came along a few years later and Katie chose to induce her labor on Dad’s birthday.  I know Dad enjoys sharing his birthday with Emma.  She is a pistol and so much fun.  She will be 3 in September.


I never really thought about the joy of getting even more nieces and nephews through marriage.  When Kenyon took me to visit for the first time, the kids called me “Aunt Lindsay.”  I was worried about Kenyon’s parents liking me but I guess I passed the test after all!  Kenyon’s sister Kim has four kids, Maya, Evie, Ian, and Matthew.  I can’t remember all their ages.  Kenyon’s brother Kelby and his wife Julie have our other niece Alora, who was actually still in the womb when we got married.  While we only make the trip to NM for a visit once a year, I really enjoy seeing the kids and spending time with them.

I am very blessed to have such wonder nieces and nephews that I look forward to many more years of spoiling then sending back to their parents!

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