Cycle to Break the Cycle: Live for 175

A local radio DJ Kekeluv has such a passion for helping people that each year in April he shows his support for child abuse. Here is how Kekeluv has shown his support in the past:

2008 – He went seven days with no sleep.

2009 – He ran seven marathons in seven days.

2010 – He went eight days with no sleep and organized the launch of the first Spirit of Boise Child Abuse Prevention hot air balloon.

2011 – He went seven days with no food. A fast for Child Abuse Prevention high above the city at the billboard on the corner of Capital and Front Street in Boise.

2012 - He was out in the Treasure Valley among the communities broadcasting LIVE to raise awareness for child abuse prevention for seven days at seven different locations.

In 2013, Kekeluv is showing his support, as well as getting the community involved, in keeping the live broadcast running using bicycles to generate power.The goal is to be live for 175 hours from April 19th – 26th.


Cycle to Break the Cycle is set up near my house at the corner of Eagle Road and Fairview.I stopped by to see how I could help, lend them my legs and some of my energy, and earn some APs in the process.

I biked for 45 minute between hours 101-102. If you signed up ahead of time, you are given an orange wrist band and then you take your spot during your 30 min or hour time frame. If you didn't sign up you can drop in and get a blue wrist band. As long as there is a bike you can ride. I could have gone the full hour but got off a bit early to free up a spot. Oh and it was a bit painful in the nether regions!

I actually ended up on the tallest bike first but was able to move to a smaller bike once they opened up.

Kekeluv is so full of energy. This is my fist time meeting him.

You get to listen to the music and broadcast while you ride and visit with other riders. We had one kid that even got us to start the wave. It is also being streamed for live on the internet.

The man in charge of the set up said he worked 6 months getting it prepared. He also said there was a group of soccer players there this morning that actually filled the battery up.

They had an area set up where kids could also ride, but not connected to the power.

Just as I was arriving to sign up, traffic that was backed up across the street must have had a driver not paying attention. There was a crash!

I had a lot of fun and was happy to help in raising awareness for child abuse.


Mel said...

very cool, that's awesome you did that!

Shauna Galloway said...

You rock!