Tracking and Re-focus

Tracking was the meeting topic this week.

Since I use the 12-week tracker, I usually am thinking ahead to goals/focus for the upcoming week. I had already filled it in prior to our meeting so I shared with my meeting members:
1) Time to Re-focus. Stay positive and stay on top of tracking. Since my tracking was VERY loose the last two weeks I am making this top priority!

2) Clean up my eating, reduce sugar, and focus on Power Foods. This goes well with my tracking goal. We are celebrating my brother's birthday on Friday so I will enjoy cake then. Otherwise, keep sugar to a minimum this week.

3) Stop going to Dutch Brothers for coffee daily. I am spending too much money. This has become a daily habit AGAIN. While I am not sure I won't have any this week, I need to stop going daily.

I teared up when I pulled into the parking lot of my meeting yesterday. I can't stress enough how important meetings, and my current leader Donna, are to me. It felt so good to be back to my Tuesday morning meeting. I really love my members and I love my leader!

I know I would not have been as successful in my weight loss and maintenance journeys if I had not felt the connection that I do with my meetings.  I just NEED to get to meeting if I have been away for work or other commitments.  I don’t make it a point to miss any meetings but things occasionally come up and it happens.  Two weeks in a row is all I can take before I have to find a way to get to a meeting, even if it isn’t my usual leader or group.

I am lucky to have many meetings available in my area.  I really do feel for those that have to drive several hours or only have one meeting and they don’t care for the leader.  This weight loss was a whole life change for me and is a constant reminder on why I will work through the struggles to keep the weight off.

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