Let's Talk About Fat

I want to talk a little bit about fat today.

I am not a professional.  I have taken it upon myself to learn more about nutrition, read product labels, and learn tricks and tips.  This is just my honest opinion, which I can give freely as this is my blog.

Obviously you know I love WW.  I wouldn’t be where I was without it.  Through the years, the WW program has come a long way and I really like the new WW 360.  Even though I love this program there are still a few gripes now and then.

I don’t like how WW penalizes fat.  Not all fat is “bad” fat.  We need healthy fats as a part of our daily diet.  Yes, we are required to have our 2 tsp of healthy oils.  But there are many other foods out there that are high in fat but still a good food choice nutritionally.  A "good" fat helps to increase your HDL (good) cholesterol and lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol. 


For instance, Lay’s plain potato chips contain 10 grams of fat in one 1 oz serving.  One serving is also 4 PPVs.  That does seem like a lot of points for such a little serving.  Also, I don’t expect potato chips to fill you up.  Still using this example though, of that 10 grams of fat only 1 gram is saturated.  The other fat is monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.  THESE are your HEALTHY FATS!  Also, if you read the ingredient list there is only three items: potatoes, salt, oil.  That is a pretty good food choice in my opinion.

However, I can’t nutritionally rationalize eating chips all the time so I save them for potlucks and BBQs.  I do love a good potato chip.

The point is we must not just dismiss a food item because it is high in points or it has a lot of fat in it.

Do you know how many WW members will totally dismiss a high fat item but load up on an item packed with sugar?  Ahhh….Fiber One bars!  Yuck!!!

Many WW members love the Fiber One bars.  Have you actually stopped to look at the nutrition label?  Sometimes they have just as much sugar as a regular candy bar.  Often they aren’t even made with whole grains.  Now, I could be mistaken.  It has been a while since I have eaten a Fiber One bar.  I just feel that for the PPVs you are spending on one bar, you could have much more food.  I do understand that sometimes a bar is a simple easy snack.  I still want to encourage you to start looking at food labels.

The same goes for other fat free items.  If a fat free item tastes good…check the label.  Sugar and other added ingredients are put into the product to make it taste good.  If you compare the PPVs for a fat free product vs. a low fat product, you might find that point or two extra is worth it to avoid excess sugar.  I am not trying to preach here and say I don’t eat fat free or low fat products.  I do eat some.  I also abuse sugar substitute so not even I am perfect!

Any weight loss program needs to be designed to cut back on excess calorie intake.  WW does work.  New members often need to really focus on eating a lot of zero and other low PPV foods when they are first starting out.  It really is the process needed to start your body on the path to losing weight.  However, at some point there needs to be more of a focus on nutrition.  WW really does lack this guidance.  We are only told to eat Power Foods and follow the Good Healthy Guidelines.  We must then take it upon ourselves to learn more about nutrition and put those good foods into our bodies: fat included!

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