My Weekly Weigh In Numbers For 2013

I am going to share with you my weekly WI numbers since the start of 2013.

I keep track of my weekly WI on an Excel sheet. It is nice keep an eye on thingsand often I like to use it for comparisons or even for a new perspective if I am feeling down about the number on the scale. I only record the official number on my WW scale. If I miss a meeting I will then use the number on my home scale (shown with an *). They are pretty close to being accurate between the two scales.


5 – 179.6

12 – 178.6

19 – 176.6

26 – 177.8


2 – 176.4

9 – 175.2

16 – 177.4 *

23 – 175.2


2 – 174.8 *

9 – 174.8

16 – 175

23 – 174.2


6 – 175.4

13 – 175.8

Weight Watchers likes Lifetime members to maintain their weight within a four pound goal range, two pounds above and two pounds below their goal weight. My range is 173-177. As you can see, I am pretty consistent in staying in that range. I started out 2013 above goal and having to pay, however, I was 176 on my December 15th WI.

I don’t really cut back on my eating until I am above my goal range and at risk of having to pay for my meetings. I eat 30 DPA. I eat all the APs earned each week, which on average is 20. I also eat most of my WPPAs each week. I usually have an event or two planned where I use them. I might even have a “high point day” where I use some of those WPPAs too. I also will have something yummy or something I am craving after my WI/meeting .

Since I have been LT for four years now, I do know that eating less WPPAs will allow me to keep my weight low. So will working out a lot and at a higher intensity. Knowing these types of things means I don’t have to freak out when I am above my goal. I just have to cut back on some of my extra food, eat clean sticking to Power Foods, and get in some activity. Iam always able to bring my weight back down after vacation by just getting back into healthy eating and activity.

Gaining a new perspective is always nice. We can often be too hard on ourselves when we see gains and losses at the scale. I am actually down 3.8 pounds from my first WI in January.

Here are my WI’s for just the first week in April

2009 – 173

2010 – 170

2011 – 176.4

2012 – 173.6

2013 – 175.4

Even though it has gone up and down over the years, I am still maintaining within a 2 pound range. That makes me really happy!


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