Have You Hugged A Dispatcher Today?

Every second full week in April is National Telecommunications Week.  This is a week where we recognize the silent heroes behind police officers, EMS personnel, firemen, and every other emergency service agency that deals with a communications dispatch center.

I have been working as a dispatcher for our State Police for seven years.  I am the voice you hear on the radio.  I am the voice that answers the phone when you call in a traffic complaint, motor assist, or crash.  I am the voice that keeps my troopers calm when they are dealing with a high risk situation.  I am that silent hero.

Dispatches don’t often get much kudos so it is nice to have a week each year that is just for us and our recognition.  It is nice to hear “thanks” and “good job” and I suppose if there really is a need to also get a hug or maybe just a handshake.

In my seven years with ISP I have experienced good times and also bad times, sad times and stressful times.  I have laughed and joked with some of the best coworkers.  I enjoy working each day with my “Team Eric” counterparts.  I have worked day shift, swing shift, graveyard shift, and a mix of all three.  This job is not always easy and the dynamic in the dispatch center can be tough.  Knowing our troopers go home safe after each shift to their families is one of the many benefits to our job.

If you know somebody who works in emergency services as a dispatcher, don’t forget to thank them for a job well done.

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