Persistence, Not Perfection

I read a blog post by this gal named Roni who blogs at Roni’s Weigh. She talked about her weekend of too much chocolate and other overindulges and the struggle to get back to healthy eating. She says,

“This morning, on the scale with my eyes closed, I waited 20 seconds, peeked with one eye, and saw I was up a little from last week but not the massive gain I was excepting. I’m reminded yet again:  It’s about what I do consistently –NOT occasionally– that matters.”

Just getting back from traveling out of town for work purposes, it is a good reminder for me.  I was lucky in that the captain I was traveling with is very health conscious, which helped keep me on track too.  However, I still enjoy a few splurges when I travel.  I stick to my usual routine daily and in doing so, I don’t keep certain foods around that tempt me.  I enjoy eating tempting foods when I am outside of my normal routine.  I feel this keeps me on track and also allows me to really enjoy foods I don’t have every day.   

We all slip up from time to time and eat more then we should.  Often we also beat ourselves up for it. We must always remember this journey is about persistence, not perfection.

Between being out of town/my normal routine and the eating out I did before I left down (boredom with my food choices lately), I am up on the scale about a pound.  I know that getting back into my normal eating and activity routine will take care of this.  No need to take drastic measures or exercise until I can’t sweat anymore. 

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