Dispatchers: The Thinnest Gold Line


Since this week is National Telecommunication Week, there are many posts circulating on Facebook that centers on dispatchers.  I attended a luncheon at Post Falls Police Department where I first saw this poem written:


Between the thin red, white, and blue lines of public safety lies the thinnest gold line

This gold line represents those who rarely are seen


The calm voice in the dark night

The golden glue that holds it all together


We are actually celebrating NTW in our dispatch center today.  I am proud to work with my fellow coworkers and proud to represent such a great organization.  We were served breakfast casserole and sweet pecan cinnamon cake for breakfast by our new Lt. Colonel and our new Major (we are having many promotions in our agency).  We are also being treated to a potluck lunch provided by our supervisors. 

We might not hear it often, but NTW allows us to have our time to shine.

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