It Was Time To Face The Scale

Good Afternoon. I'm a bit late checking in. 

I went to my WW meeting (walked to/from) and then Jamie and I went to see “Tranwreck.” It was just so-so.

It was a great WW meeting and wonderful to be back with my Tuesday morning meeting members and leader Donna. I missed last week's meeting about body gratitude. This week we talked about Goal and Beyond. I've got some thoughts about it but I need to get them written down. I'll blog about it later this week.

I've started a new 12-week journal so I am going to make a sincere commitment for honest tracking for the next 12 weeks. If I eat it, I write it! Plain and simple.
With my workout time added into my workday it will make getting in activity and moving more easier. I am thankful for that. I know the weakest link is my food and my tracking. That is going to be my main focus.

100% tracking started today and included counting 10 PPVs for the movie popcorn. I got the small bag ($2 Tuesdays) which helped with portion control. I would have just kept eating had I upgraded to a large bowl, which I didn't need.

I'll do better in taking photos of my food so I can keep myself accountable and also give myself some blog content. I start my training on the console on Wednesday. I am ready to get this party started.

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Dawny said...

I totally agree with your movie review.

Good job making a plan & comitment to yourself. Cheers to portioned popcorn.

That's totally awesome you get fitness time in your workday. 😍