Contigo Fit Water Bottle

When I arrived at my aunt's house in New Mexico and I explained to her how we got stuck on the airplane in Phoenix all I wanted was the cold water the stewardess was handing out she introduced me to a new fantastic water bottle.

I own one Contigo bottle already but it is one that I use for hot liquids. The Contigo Fit is specifically designed to keep ice cold for several hours. That means it keeps your ice water cold for several hours. She let me use one of her two water bottles while I was on vacation in New Mexico. I was hoping that I would be able to find some at Cosco where I could have cold water with me as we boarded our next flight in and out of Phoenix. Since I didn't have any luck finding the water bottles at Costco I ordered them from Amazon and used my prime shipping so I had them on my doorstep in two days.

I have loved these water bottles ever since I received then earlier this week. What I love best about the Contigo Fit design is that you just push a button on the back that opens up the spout to drink. There is no extra straw to worry about or no chance of mold and gunk starting to get inside extra parts or pieces.

Since I purchased my water bottles off of Amazon I was able to get a two pack for $36. Since I've been using the filtered water from home it's actually saving on having to buy water bottles.

If you are looking for a new water bottle you should check out the Contigo Fit. You won't be disappointed.

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