Mid-Week Check-In

Hi! Just wanted to stop in quickly and say hello. Today is my Mom's birthday and although she wishes you didn't have to celebrate birthday, I want to wish her a very Happy Birthday!! I'm about to head to Pastry Perfection to pick her up one of her favorite coconut donuts and deliver it to her work with her annual hair gift certificate. If you see my Mom this morning...sssssh...it's a surprise!

It has been a great week for food/tracking. I was faced with a lot of challenges yesterday and was very happy that at the end of the day I was able to stay on track. It was tough!!! My day started with a delivery basket of sweet treats and goodies from the mayor for his annual holiday gift. Boy did those M&M cookies look amazing. I debated for a while if I wanted some of the cookie. I made the comment to my trainer Brenda, who has been really on track with her food and exercise, who said to me, “It's just a cookie.” Yes, it is just a cookie and while I could have spent WPPA on it, I passed the basket to the other side of the room and pretended it wasn't there. That helped!

Kenyon has come down with sickness (strep throat) and I had plans to take him to Quick Care last night after work. I was going to warm up some left over minestrone soup around 4pm at work so I wan't starving when I got home and picked him up. All hell broke loose at work and I ended up with three injury crashes, one trauma call, and a commercial fire alarm at a hotel all in a matter of minutes. I also had three fire engines at training. It was stressful and I may have yelled at my trainer. But, she said she didn't notice so I guess that was good. I was drained and hungry but still needed to get Kenyon to a doctor. I snacked on an apple and string cheese but after we got done I was STARVING!!! I almost stopped for something to take home to eat but the way we were headed meant it was out of the way. I gave myself a peptalk and came home to eat my left over soup. I was still feeling the “I want something else” so I had four squares of graham cracker with a little peanut butter and honey. I ended up only using a couple of my WPPA when all was finalized.

It feels good to be in control. However, I'm feeling that itch to eat something yummy. I think it is because I don't cook very appealing meals at home so eating out calls to me. I have lunch plans Thursday and a party to go to Friday, assuming Kenyon is feeling better. I know staying on track and building on that will help me feel more successful and want to splurge less. I gotta keep this momentum going. I've had a healthy breakfast and I've packed a healthy snack and some leftover soup for work.

It's my Friday. Yeah!

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