Friday Fun-Day!

My busy day yesterday was lots of fun. I attended the graduation of the newest group of Idaho State Police troopers held at the Capitol downtown. It is always a fantastic ceremony and I get chills when they sign the ISP Trooper song at the end. I was surprised as to how small the spectator crowd was this year. Perhaps there was too much going on with kids in school this year? Very odd.

The color guard got the ceremony started followed by the training group of troopers walking the circle of the rotunda.

After various speakers/speeches each recruit approaches the training staff to trade in their recruit hat and badge for an official ISP hat and star badge. The wives/family members pin the badges on and walk their loved ones back to their spot in line. I was able to capture Clayton as he made his turn from recruit to ISP trooper.

They take the oath of office and then officially become ISP troopers!!! Since this was the graduation from the Advanced Training Class, they still have to attend the Peace Officer's Standard and Training course over the next 10 weeks. Then, they attend their Field Training portion for several more weeks. They basically have only completed phase one.

Shauna is the official picture taker and I was able to capture her in action! It was good to see you Shauna.  It was really neat in that this ATC graduation class was the 43rd class. The governor's speech pointed out that he is the 43rd governor. Then the attorney general noted that Idaho is the 43rd state. Pretty impressive to have such a celebration.

Hailey's school band concert was fun. This is beginning band so it was a bit rough on the ears but considering they have just learned how to play their instruments, they did well. The band teacher said this was the largest group of beginning band students with a total of 70. Pretty impressive. Hailey is playing the flute and had duet with a clarinet.

Lastly Kenyon and I attended my company Christmas party at Carmen's house last night. Once I broke the ice it wasn't as intimidating mingling with people I didn't know. All of the officer's wives were very nice. My trainer/friend Stacie was there with her husband Jason and we visited with Carmen's sister and brother-in-law. It was as mall group so that also helped make visiting easier. Carmen had a photo booth set up so Stacie, Beth, and I took some fun festive photos.

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Shauna Galloway said...

You got some really good pictures of graduation!! It was good to see you!