30 Day Goal: Fill All Three Apple Watch Goals Daily

Good Morning. I've been MIA lately as there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I'm either super tired after work or not sleeping well as all I want to do is get to bed early each night. Looking forward to the weekend with little planned. I just gotta get through my 6 hour shift today.

I completed my 30 days of meeting all three goals on my Apple Watch. I'll tell ya, it isn't easy.

There was a time that I loved being active and working out wasn't a chore. Last week it was a stretch to get all three goals met. Last Wednesday I went on my ride-a-long with the fire department, I'll share more of that later this week, and decided not to do any formal activity before I went to the fire station at 10am. It turns out I met all my goals through running up/down the stairs (didn't want to slide down the pole and risk falling on my ass) and jumping in/out of a fire engine. On Thursday we put out some Christmas decorations so I started up the watch and earned my activity that way (surprisingly burned several calories decorating). On Friday we went to Festival of Trees so I started up my Apple Watch while we walked around the festival. Since I was trying to complete my goals Kenyon suggested looking at both sides of one section at a time before moving on so we would then earn extra steps by walking two and a half times. It was a great idea and helped me finish off those goals for the day.

It takes a lot of planning to actually complete an exercise or movement goal. I have to be concious of my sitting at work all day and trying to stand more. I try and go the long way to the bathroom and volunteer for any excuse that would take me up/down the stairs. At stores I am mindful to walk the perimeter while I shop and/or walk up/down isles a few times to get in those extra steps. When you live in a world that you don't move much during your day, being active feel like work!

I am happy I completed my 30 day goal. I think I'll not stress it over December and perhaps go at it again in January. I'm looking forward to a rest day (or two) on my days off.

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