Going To Try Calorie Counting Again

Hello. I'm checking in late as I headed back to work today and my day started at 3:30am. I didn't have much time to blog. It was a pretty slow and quiet day today with not much in the way for fire training calls. This training phase is going well.

I decided today to try counting calories on the My Fitness Pal app. Dawny shared with me Katie's recent blog on how calorie counting helped her get back to her goal weight. She has some really great points in her blog post and it got me thinking. While calorie counting feels monotonous, I'm going to really stick to it this week. I'm also taking Katie's lead and trying not to focus on the daily calorie goal or other nutritional goals. I am just putting in the foods I eat this week to see what it looks like.

Today went pretty well. I like how tracking helps me stay on track. I don't really care to weigh and measure my fruit and veggies but for now I am going to. I don't eat an over abundance of what WW called 0 PPV fruits and veggies. However, right now I'll make a good effort to track it all. As Katie did, I also tracked my coffee, creamer, and Stevia. I know I drink a lot of coffee in a day. The cold weather makes me want to drink coffee even more. This evening I decided to have a glass of wine after I got home from work.

There is one more day in the month of November to meet my goal of all 30 days of getting my Apple Watch circles filled. I'm ready for this goal to be complete. I've been really tired the last few days so getting my goals met was tough. Not sure yet what I'll strive for in December.

Well, that is about all I got for right now.  

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