Thanksgiving Celebration & Holiday Card Photos

Good Morning. At least it is still morning here in Idaho. I have been super lazy today and enjoyed it immensely!

I had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house yesterday. We were all in attendance except for one of my uncles who drives long haul semi. It is rare to have all of my siblings together so it was really nice. Kenyon was able to come as well as my sister Jenny's husband Will. Katie had her new boyfriend Kevin. There were 16 people total and even though my siblings and I are all in our mid-late thirties, the kids table is still the best seat in the house!

I didn't take any photos and my mom wished we had since we were all together. I think we will all be together for Christmas and I suspect Uncle Burke will be there too. We will have to make sure we get some photos. I love the holiday season and family time. It is my favorite.

I had my sister Katie take photos of Kenyon and I for me to use in our holiday photo card. I don't usually share the photos until after the cards have gone out. If you are on my photo card list and reading this blog, I guess you get a preview! My Mom had the fun idea to have the gnome “photo bomb” us. We had Hailey holding the gnome behind us. I'll admit, this was a fun idea. We also took some silly photos with mustaches from this game the girls have called Moustache Smash. It is a really fun game.

Emma was in a bit of a bad mood for part of the afternoon and was feeling left out that Hailey got to be in the photo holding the gnome but Emma didn't. Since I was planning to crop her out and use the top half of us on our holiday photo card I told Katie Emma could be in the photo. It wasn't until after we were done that Katie pointed out how Emma didn't even smile in the first few. This is a typical Katie face from years ago when Katie was younger.

Boy that Emma is a stinker but she is so darn cute.

I think Kenyon and I will go to Festival of Trees tonight. I got our Christmas tree set up last night but we will need to decorate it. I also got the living room decorations up. I'll start listening to the 24/7 Christmas song radio channel when I am in my car. I love this time of year.

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