Seven Day Stretch

Just a quick stop by to say hello.

I officially passed Phase 2, 911 Emergency Call Taking, after seven days of prescription training. I am glad it went well and am moving onto Phase 3. I started Fire Dispatch Training today with a “limbo” day where I just watch and listen with my trainer. It was nice to have a break from the phones. I forgot that moving to another training phase means different criteria for my evacuations. It was a nice relief to see that I'm not being graded on my phone calls anymore. I still have a lot to learn and build my skills.  I am on a seven day stretch as I moved from one trainer on one end of the week onto another trainer on a different end of the week.

It is now the 15th of the month and I've been filling my Apple Watch circles all three days. Yippie! My food intake isn't as stellar. My plan right now is to clean it up after we get back from Vegas. I know that is a bad plan and can mean more damage along the way, however, that is my plan.

I'm counting down until our Vegas trip. We leave town on Wednesday. Just a few more days to go.

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