Las Vegas Part Two

I never get tired of the views of Vegas. I call it The City Of Lights for a reason and Vegas at dark is one of my favorite times.

We booked our room at the Excalibur with a strip view and made sure to pick the side that looked out at the New York New York roller coaster. I love looking out the window and seeing the Vegas strip.

We also like the Excalibur because it is really easy to get where you need to go using the bus system. We took the bus to both outlet malls. I scored a new Coach purse and also a Vera Bradley purse. They now have VB at the outlet malls and the prices are really cheap. I was impressed.

Kenyon has been playing this online game called My Vegas Rewards and was able to earn us some 2 for 1 deals. We saw Tournament of Kings and Zumanity. Tournament of Kings was really fun but I'm not sure we would have done it at the full price of the show as two tickets normally cost $168. Yikes! It did include dinner and we were served a cornish game hen, roasted potato, broccoli, and a biscuit. It came with a non-alcoholic drink and an apple turnover for dessert. You eat the whole meal with your hands. It was quite interesting. We were seated in the Norway section and our guy got eliminated in the first round. That was a bummer. You aren't allowed to take photos so I obeyed and didn't snap any. However, at the end the new King came out to take photos.

I'll be back with one more re-cap.

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